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Host, Author, & Video Talent Coach

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• Spokesperson/Trainer
• Talent Coach
• Central FL Video Production

On-Camera Talent Simplified

Master Your Connection, Likability, & Credibility—
Be your best on-camera, eliminate mistakes (even the ones you don’t realize you’re making) and maximize your connection to build trust and make sales.

Video Production Stuff

You need video production in central Florida? No problem. Shoot me a note and we can set an appointment to meet in person and discuss the right approach for you. Maybe it’s a little DIY booster, or maybe it’s full-blown production start to finish. I’ve got you covered either way.

About Larry

Having been on videos for more than 2 decades, Larry has done countless styles of videos for social media and webcast livestreams, packaged training videos in Sony electronics, training videos for high tech electronics companies like Canon USA, as well as commercial YouTube channels, and helped thousands and thousands of people with their camera gear, software mastery, and of course, on camera presence.

Larry calls on his years of experience in studios, small and large, to help entrepreneurs find their voice and build their Know, Like, & Trust abilities so they can connect better and sell more using online video.  

Larry says,
“It’s mission-critical to build trust if you want to sell anything online. And because videos communicate much more than just your words, people need to know all the little things about how be great on camera.”  


“I have a stage acting background so being on camera doesn’t make me nervous, but Larry’s my coach because he keeps helping me fix little things I don’t realize I’m doing in my videos. I’m blown away how my sales have improved and my clients LOVE my video based messages!!! They rave about my customer service.”
— Shawn M.

“I can’t speak highly enough about Larry’s course and the impact it’s had on my business. From the first time I tried it, it just worked!”
— Anthony S.

“I’ve worked with Larry for years. In the early days he helped me to improve my presentations and once I was dialed in on my style, he has helped me with everything from camera and audio gear, to lighting, graphics, and editing. And he keeps me on the leading edge with simple tech for my videos.”
— Gary C.

Just need to reach out to Larry for something? No problem.